Are You Afraid of the Business Process Monster?

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Run! He’s coming to get us! He’s huge, terrifying! We don’t really know what he’s going to do to us but they told us he’s coming and there’s nothing we can do about it”.

It may sound like a sound-bite from a Godzilla movie but it seems these days that this is how organisations talk about business process management or continuous improvement. We have created a business world that is shying away from improving their organisations because they feel they have to transform their entire organization to do so. Not true.

This is sadly the result of huge numbers of process professionals trying to turn BPM into some sort of overly complex pseudo-science; textbooks, academic studies and diagrams the size of an office block. In short, we are making BPM too complex for the organisations that are looking to adopt it as a means to improve the lives of their customers and the organisation’s operations (whether that be for profit or a nobler motive).

Processes within organisations can become complex but they can always be stripped back to a few simple attributes:

  • Meeting a need effectively
  • keeping the customer happy (relationship)
  • Doing things efficiently and productively (costs)

Doing the simple things right is the cornerstone of BPM and is the cornerstone of business and Business process management is the active management and enhancement of all processes within an organization in order to continually meet customer needs and wants.

I often have to talk to organisations like I talk to my 4 year old son at night. “It’s OK, the BPM monster isn’t real, he won’t hurt you. Just imagine he’s a tiny monster and that you can squash him”. The reality is that improving processes isn’t as hard as most people make it out to be if you know what you are doing, but sadly many unleash the monster rather than tame it.

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