Sigma6 and BPM

 Due to the intrinsic role that BPM plays as a methodology for many companies, BPM is the key success factor to achieve continued improvement of mission critical processes that cover the entire organization. It naturally is also highly susceptible to be combined with a whole set of other disciplines and methods, as the following examples shows.

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How BPM adds value to every part of the application life cycle

BPM adds value to each stage of the application life cycle, from requirements specification/design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support, maintenance, and change management when business needs evolve.

BPM increases understanding between business and IT

BPMhelps business people—analysts, managers, and end users—work together with IT to create more effective process-based applications.

BPM speeds development of applications

Making Sense Out of Chaos: Network Security Policy Management

Making Sense Out of Chaos: Network Security Policy Management

If you’re a network security operations leader (as many of our clients are}, chances are you’re afflicted with some of the following security policy-related issues: ادامه مطلب

Are You Over-servicing Your Customers?

A long time ago in a suburb far, far away, I owned a café. It was very popular and not uncommon for there to be throngs of customers queuing up outside to get in, particularly on weekends.
Of course, customers IN the café didn’t always care about those poor people waiting outside to get in, so they’d sit leisurely enjoying their newspaper, oblivious to the world around them. It didn’t take me long to realise that customers were walking away in frustration and as a result I wasn’t maximising revenue. So I came up with a plan… ادامه مطلب

Taraneon founder on Who’s Who List

(A couple of weeks ago it was the certificate, now it’s official. I’ve been put on THAT list. It’s nice to sometimes receive a bit of recognition for what we’re doing, especially when it puts you in the same bracket as the experts you’ve followed for a long time. I would open a good bottle of St. Emilion, but I’ll leave that until next week, when I’ll see many of the other people on the list at the BBCCon2012.) ادامه مطلب