Is BPM a Dirty Word?

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It has become increasingly popular in recent times to bash BPM (business process management) and, in particular, to propose that BPM is dead. I don’t think that BPM is dead. It does, however, have a major image problem. Part of the problem is that we’ve given it a catchy acronym, following a long line of catchy acronyms that describe very similar approaches (TQM anyone?). In may be an enhancement upon what has gone before but the cynical souls of the business world see it as a re-hashed, re-marketed version of the same stuff to be pedaled by software companies as the latest and greatest thing.

The problem with any three-letter acronym is the association that is involves an IT solution and a six or seven figure software package. BPM (or whatever we decide to re-invent it as next) doesn’t have to be so complicated that we have to spend millions on software solutions. Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking IT completely, just saying that there are simpler and more flexible ways to get started without shelling out your hard-earned company dollars. Start simple, prove the concepts, get some quick wins on the table THEN sell the six-figure software solution to your company to get the really big savings.

Part of the problem is also that BPM isn’t really about BPM. It’s about what BPM achieves that is the important thing. Managing processes for the sake of managing processes isn’t what it’s about – it’s all about making businesses improve profits (unless you are public sector or charity). But making money requires looking after and attracting customers and controlling costs which is where our old friend BPM comes in. Management of business processes isn’t enough. BPM has to be an ecosystem of improvement AND management.

So whilst BPM may be starting to become a dirty word to some, it’s really an irrelevant discussion as BPM to all extents and purposes is just about doing business and doing it well. The names will change but the overall concepts will remain the same.

So what I’d like to suggest is that while the process academics waste their time arguing over what to call BPM next you should be quietly getting those post-it notes, brown paper and highlighters out. It’s time to get back to basics and prove that what we’re doing can be simple, effective and produce business benefits rapidly.

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