Open is More than a Word: It’s a Bonitasoft Value

Open is More than a Word: It’s a Bonitasoft Value

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Winning the InfoWorld Bossie Award for the fourth straight year is to me more than just another product win. This particular award recognizes the importance of open source, which is a testament to the culture and community at Bonitasoft.

Our Bonitasoft community allows members to share ideas, collaborate and innovate. I see this as especially important as the tech landscape continues to evolve. New technologies and products have allowed developers to explore new ways to process data and manage information. What makes the concept of open source so valuable is the idea that the community can come together and find a cohesive solution for a problem that could be impacting many people collectively. When I embarked on the journey to start Bonitasoft, I made it a crucial point to leverage the power of a community and have an open-source product. It is a core company value that remains consistent since inception.

The Bossie award this year highlights the latest iteration of our open-source platform, BPM 7. We’re proud to say that BPM 7 redefines what it means to be set free as a developer: It gives developers flexibility, saving time in both development and maintenance. I want to continue to empower developers to code when they need to and not be held back by constraints. BPM 7 works with developers every day to set them free!

Bonita BPM 7 benefits business stakeholders, as well. By enabling applications to adapt to business needs, the platform allows businesses to be more agile. The platform promotes collaboration between business and IT, helping the organization drive harder to achieve its strategic goals.

I am proud of the success the Bonitasoft team has experienced, and I make it a priority to remain true to the values and principles that I initially set forth. The InfoWorld Bossie Award is a true reflection of the open community and freedom that we embody as an organization, helping enable developers to have the freedom they desire.



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