The analyst job is cool sometimes – have you ever considered it

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زمان تقریبی مطالعه: ۱ دقیقه

by Mark Raskino

I just got back from Gartner Symposium in Orlando. It’s a huge event – many thousands of clients interacting with analysts to help solve real world technology and management problems. The energy is just great. I have been doing the job for 15 years and it is still incredibly stimulating. No two days are the same. The subjects, challenges and opportunities keep changing. You keep testing yourself, learning and growing. And as Gartner itself grows bigger, so does the scale of the opportunities. For example this week I launched my second book;  this one with Co-author Graham Waller. I also interviewed Jeff Immelt – the CEO of General Electric – on stage in front of a live audience of about 10,000 people.

Have you ever thought about becoming an analyst?  It’s a great time to do so. Because the company is growing, we are hiring. The website to browse is here  ( select ‘Research’ as the job field ).  A list of current research job subject areas is below.

Think about it – won’t you?

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